Pre-Game Notes: Eastern Conference Semifinals –Trenton Steel @ Columbus Lions

6:15 PM — The Steel are in full uniform and starting to stretch on the field. The music just kicked in. It’s about that time…7:30 kickoff.

3:30 PM — Here’s a quick look at the arena:

3:00 PM — It’s four and a half hours before kickoff, and the Steel have arrived safely at the Columbus Civic Center for their first round playoff matchup with the Columbus Lions.  The players have eaten and are ready to go down here in Georgia…I’ll have all the updates you’ve come to expect throughout the night.

The Steel active 21-man roster for the game will be as follows:

Spellman, Brutus, Brown, Camay, Trice, Harrison, Rivera, Andrews, Maul, Fumando, Nemeth, Pollard, Johnsonbaugh, Hickson, Tucker, Turner, Heyward, Graves, Leotti, Huff, Zimmerman.

Brandon Clarke made the trip but will not play and Derik Steiner was greeting his teammates in the hotel lobby prior to our departure, but he was not able to travel with the team.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Pre-Game Notes: Eastern Conference Semifinals –Trenton Steel @ Columbus Lions”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    Wish I was there!

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