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VIDEO: Rod Miller Talks After Heartbreaking 62-60 Loss

June 18, 2011

Eastern Conference Semifinals: Trenton Steel @ Columbus Lions

June 18, 2011


STEEL LOSE, 62-60. Quite a sequence to get it that close, but it came down to the two point conversion, and the pass went incomplete. Video from coach Rod Miller soon.

Down by the field…check Twitter for updates

1:00 left — One minute warning…

5:45 left — Crum. Uno. 62-46.

5:45 left — That may be the dagger…Trenton trails by 15 after a Gerald Gales TD grab up the right side after McCoy avoided a ton of Trenton defensive pressure. 61-46 Lions

8:13 left — Nemeth to Huff…juggled in the end zone and picked off for the touchback. Huge. 54-46, Lions.

9:49 left — Crum hits the uno. Of course. 54-46, Lions.

9:49 left — Merritt lined up under center and McCoy out wide in a “Wild Lion” formation…everyone committed to Merritt running, and he simply shovel passed to McCoy for six. But Crum misses the PAT. 53-46, Lions.

13:49 left — Antoine Rivera with an unbelievable, leaping 30 yard TD grab. First play of the drive. Wow. Lions 47-Steel 46

14:13 left — Merritt with a well-defended grab in the left side of the end zone for the TD…Lions up 47-39.



1:09 left — Nemeth with the QB sneak, and Trenton cuts the lead to one again…40-39.

3:09 left — Brandon Horace catches a few Steel defenders guessing the wrong way after a short pass from McCoy, and he burns them all to head to the house. Lions lead 40-32.

5:01 left — And another GREAT pass by Nemeth and a nice grab by Turner for a 37 yard TD. That was huge. 33-32 after the PAT…

6:56 left — Another Crum uno. 33-25.

6:56 left — Crum in for a long field goal for Columbus…45 yarder…he hits it. Nice kick. 32-25, Columbus leads.

11:54 left — Trenton turns a near delay of game into a TD…Turner, of course, makes the grab in the left side of the end zone in a somewhat broken play. Camay’s PAT…good, 29-25.

15:00 left — Crum hits an uno to start the half…they lead 29-18.


Nemeth 18-28, 196 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT
McCoy 12-19, 113 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT

Huff 9 rec, 92 yds
Turner 7 rec, 79 yds, 2 TD

Merritt 5 rec, 36 yds, 1 TD
Gales 4 rec, 57 yds, 1 TD
Smith 2 rec, 11 yds, 1 TD



:01 left — Camay coming in for another FG attempt. This will be from 27 yards…it’s good. 28-18.

:44 left — Crum hits an uno…28-15 game.

:44 left — Anthony Merritt was wide open in the end zone…McCoy spotted him for an easy six, and Columbus is up 27-15

:49 left — The Steel got called for offensive pass interference earlier in the game…and now it’s Columbus’ turn. But this one happens in the end zone…the Steel get called for holding, the fouls offset, and there’s no touchdown.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

Johnsonbaugh fumble recovery, Turner TD grab

4:29 left — Oderick Turner with a TD on the very next play…Columbus leads 20-15 after Camay’s PAT is blocked.

4:57 left — Nemeth picked at the goal line, but the Lions defender fumbled and Joe Johnsonbaugh recovers. HUGE break.

Two catches, Lions pick six

10:10 left — Bad snap on the PAT, and Carl Spellman runs it back for two points. 20-9.

10:10 left — Nemeth picked off…it’s returned all the way to the end zone, and Trenton now trails, 20-7.

14:48 left — Interception, Gladel Brutus!



1:16 left — Charleston Grey caught a screen pass to the right for an apparent touchdown, but it’s called back for an illegal block in the back. Big break right there.

2:50 left — Craig Camay misses wide left from 29 yards.

5:29 left — GREAT pass and an even better catch by Dan Huff…third down pass gives Trenton 21 yards and keeps the drive alive.

7:27 left — McCoy with a nice touch pass over the defense to Josh Smith in the back right corner of the end zone. PAT good…14-7.

Huff reception, Turner TD grab

10:25 left — Trenton strikes right back. E.J. Nemeth finds Oderick Turner in the right side of the end zone for a short TD grab. Craig Camay’s PAT…good. 7-7.

11:54 left — Columbus QB Chris McCoy finds Gerald Gales for a 34 yard TD connection…nice over the shoulder grab by Gales on third down. Trey Crum on for the PAT and he hits it. Trenton trails, 7-0.

Trenton wins the toss and defers…

Pre-Game Notes: Eastern Conference Semifinals –Trenton Steel @ Columbus Lions

June 18, 2011

6:15 PM — The Steel are in full uniform and starting to stretch on the field. The music just kicked in. It’s about that time…7:30 kickoff.

3:30 PM — Here’s a quick look at the arena:

3:00 PM — It’s four and a half hours before kickoff, and the Steel have arrived safely at the Columbus Civic Center for their first round playoff matchup with the Columbus Lions.  The players have eaten and are ready to go down here in Georgia…I’ll have all the updates you’ve come to expect throughout the night.

The Steel active 21-man roster for the game will be as follows:

Spellman, Brutus, Brown, Camay, Trice, Harrison, Rivera, Andrews, Maul, Fumando, Nemeth, Pollard, Johnsonbaugh, Hickson, Tucker, Turner, Heyward, Graves, Leotti, Huff, Zimmerman.

Brandon Clarke made the trip but will not play and Derik Steiner was greeting his teammates in the hotel lobby prior to our departure, but he was not able to travel with the team.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

See You In The Playoffs

June 11, 2011

I will not be making the trip to Harrisburg with the Trenton Steel today, instead choosing to focus on my duties covering the Trenton Thunder.

With the game having no effect on the Steel’s playoff opponent — which will be the Columbus Lions — and my preference to avoid another trip to the Equine Arena in Harrisburg, I figured it would be best to take this one off.

While exact travel plans haven’t been decided for the team just yet, I can tell you with great certainty that I will be making the trip to Columbus, GA to cover the team’s inaugural playoff game and the beginning of their run to the SIFL title. I’m so proud of the guys for everything they’ve had to overcome this season, and just as proud to be a tiny little part of things here…best of luck to the guys tonight, and check back for updates from Georgia next week.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT