Game 11: Erie Explosion @ Trenton Steel



29.9 left — Melik Brown sacks DiMichele in the end zone. That, kids, is a safety. 78-53.

51.6 left — Camay hits a short field goal to make it 76-53.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

2:24 left — DiMichele and Morris connect again…collision between Morris and Maul into the wall at the end, and both are shaken up but OK. They go for two and get it…Steel lead 73-53.

2:44 left — Oderick Turner’s been pretty quiet tonight…which opened things up for Damon Harrison…but he gets in on the act with a short TD catch of his own. Steel lead 73-45.

5:47 left — Carlos Ojeda flips an onside kick attempt into the front row…Steel ball.

5:47 left — Tirone Morris gets a quick TD grab, but the two-point conversion fails and Trenton’s up 66-45. Need to run some time off right here…

Harrison TD

6:11 left — Damon Harrison…he did what he does. Big score there…and that’s the dagger. 66-39 game.

8:30 left — The Steel get a turnover on downs…big stop. That may very well do it.

11:21 left — Nemeth runs it in from a yard out, and once again…the Steel get the lead back to 20. Every score is so big right now.

14:24 left — Tirone Morris beats Desmond Maul up the right side and makes the TD grab. Erie cuts their deficit to 52-39. Still a lot of football left to play here.




2:25 left — Harrison fumbles…Erie recovers…big play. I’ll have video.

6:37 left — The Explosion had Tirone Morris under center at the goal line…he botched the snap, and Carl Spellman recovered. Steel ball.

9:19 left — Nemeth runs in another one, and the Steel are up 20. Big game, and the boys are coming up huge.

11:10 left — 4th and 19 for Erie…they’re going for it. They have to. Morris makes a juggling catch into the first row…but it doesn’t matter, they come up short.

13:11 left — Big sack by Tyrell Zimmerman right there on first down to set Erie back eight yards…

14:00 left — Harrison with his fourth TD grab of the game! Steel lead 45-32.

15:00 left — Craig Camay does his once-per-game drill the up man in the groin with the kickoff play…and the Steel get the ball. Matt Leotti recovers.


DiMichele 12-21, 151 yds; 3 TD-1 INT
Nemeth 12-17, 142 yds; 3 TD-0 INT

Concepcion 7 rec, 103 yds; 2 TD
Harrison 4 rec, 69 yds; 3 TD



0.0 left — And Nemeth takes a knee. Um. OK.

2.3 left — Camay on to try a 56 yarder…but timeout is called, and the Steel line up for a play…now Erie calls a timeout.

2.3 left — Lenny Wicks returns an inexplicably short kickoff for a TD…and just like that…Erie gets it to 38-32. PAT missed.

11.7 left — WHAT A HUGE TURN OF EVENTS! Damon Harrison runs back the kickoff for 57 yards and six points! Camay makes it seven, and Trenton leads 38-26.

19.5 left — Wow. Carlos Ojeda tried for the 2-point dropkick after the TD and it got blocked…it was recovered by Najah Pruden, and he lateraled to Desmond Maul, who ran it back into the end zone. That’s two points. Steel lead 31-26.

24.8 left — Concepcion with another TD grab in the back of the end zone…Steel up 29-26.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

Steiner run, TD…

4:25 left — Nemeth runs one in…Steel up 29-20.

7:12 left — DiMichele runs one in…Steel up 22-20.

10:40 left — Craig Camay on for a 47 yard attempt…way short.

14:50 left — THERE’S THE BIG STOP! Najah Pruden…yes, Najah Pruden picks an ill-advised Adam DiMichele pass to the middle of the end zone.



4:38 left — Mike Andrews with a sack and a forced fumble on DiMichele in the end zone…but Bob Hammer recovers and gets it back to the line of scrimmage.

5:09 left — Camay hits the uno…22-13.

5:09 left — Harrison and Nemeth are on fire tonight…Nemeth threw a beautiful deep pass with sweet touch down the left side and Harrison made the grab. Camay’s PAT makes it 21-13, Steel.

6:27 left — DiMichele finds Tirone Morris in the right side of the end zone on third down, and the Explosion have matched Trenton score for score so far…but after a penalty pushes back the PAT, Ojeda misses and Erie trails 14-13.

8:51 left — Nemeth to Harrison again…Steel up 14-7.

10:39 left — Adam DiMichele to Kevin Concepcion…I’ve seen this movie before. 7-7.

Video of the first possession

11:09 left — E.J. Nemeth connects with Damon Harrison for a short TD grab on the left side of the end zone, and Craig Camay’s PAT makes it 7-0, Steel. Nemeth’s 60th TD pass of the season.

Erie will kickoff…


3 Responses to “Game 11: Erie Explosion @ Trenton Steel”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Dudes have a guy named Hammer. Fits him. #9 is a big boy.

  2. trentondevilsfan Says:

    #8 with a circus catch during warmups. Wow.

    Major league Anthem right there. Double wow

  3. ForeverTitans Says:

    Really enjoyed the season! My whole family had a great time. My two year old loved going on the field to meet the team. Really well done!

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