Game 10: Harrisburg Stampede @ Trenton Steel


2:59 left — Nemeth with a franchise record 5th rush TD — he had three, Steiner two. The Steel are up 83-23.

4:30 left — You leave the press box for one minute…and the Steel create another turnover. They have the ball, up 53.

6:15 left — Nemeth with a 2 yard TD run…76-23 game. Huge win in many ways for Trenton.

9:55 left — Cipra misses a field goal. Just throw in the towel at this point.

14:42 left — Harrison finally runs one back. Untouched as he slashes across the field. 69-23.

14:52 left — Will Hines with a TD run…Harrisburg cuts the deficit to 62-23 after a missed PAT



1:52 left — Oh, Oderick. Oderick Turner, one week after setting a league record of his own with 225 receiving yards, hauls in another TD, and Trenton leads 62-17.

3:20 left — Brian Harris sets a new SIFL record…seven picks. Desmond Maul gets his second.

5:18 left — Big Tuck! Nate Tucker with a TD grab…and the subsequent celebratory dance…and Trenton’s up 55-17.


6:39 left — Nemeth drops the snap, and Fearon Wright runs it back…and gives it to a fan…who gives himself to the turf. Steel still up 48-17.

12:09 left — And now every Steel DB has a pick. Carl Spellman gets his, and Bryan Harris has tied a dubious league record with his 6th pick of the game.

14:28 left — And Derik Steiner shows some speed…seriously…on a rush to the outside for his second TD of the game. Steel up 48-10.

14:50 left — Another huge kickoff return by Damon Harrison to start the half…



00.2 left — Cipra misses a long one…

10.3 left — Camay with another field goal after Gladel Brutus’ THIRD pick of the half…and the Steel now lead 41-10.

49.8 left — Craig Camay coming in for a 40 yarder…and he got it. Steel lead 38-10.

1:29 left — Mike Andrews with huge pressure on Harris, and he throws his 4th pick of the game and his 2nd to Gladel Brutus…he picked it in the end zone and got tackled outside of it…Steel ball.

6:03 left — Camay hits an uno! Never thought I’d see the day where he got to let one fly. Trenton 35-Harrisburg 10.

6:03 left — Derik Steiner gets in on the action, running the ball in for his first pro TD…Camay’s PAT is partially blocked, and Trenton’s up 34-10.

10:59 left — Desmond Maul picks Harris in the end zone…this is his first game with the team. Way to make an impression.

13:57 left — Damon Harrison with a dazzling catch…gets smashed into the wall while airborne in the end zone, but he hangs on for six points. Camay makes it seven, and Trenton leads 28-10.

15:00 left — J.R. Cipra on for a 29 yard field goal…good. Steel up 21-10.



5:15 left — Jamaal Stokes picks a Nemeth pass that got deflected at the line…huge play right there. Stampede ball.

7:30 left — And on the very next play, Gladel Brutus with a long interception return…

7:46 left — Trenton DB’s seem to never actually look back for the ball on deep balls…another pass interference on that…not saying it was the right call, not saying it was the wrong call…but not looking back makes it an easier call.

Scoring drive…

9:26 left — A one yard Nemeth TD run after a big kickoff return by Damon Harrison, and Trenton’s got their 14 point lead back.

11:25 left — 16 yard TD catch by Terry Jackson, and Harrisburg is in this one…14-7.

12:29 left — Craig Camay giveth, Craig Camay taketh away. He just stroked a kickoff about 15 rows into the stands, and Harrisburg will get great field position at Trenton’s 20.

12:29 left — E.J. Nemeth with a great pump fake, and Dan Huff gets wide open in the right corner of the end zone…14-0 lead after the PAT.

14:18 left — Craig Camay with his time tested smoke the up lineman in the face with the kickoff play, and he recovers it. Steel ball.

14:24 left — Charles Graves picks off the first pass…the first play of the game. Pick six! And this one counts! Brian Harris picked off, and Graves runs it back untouched to put Trenton up, 6-0. Craig Camay’s PAT makes it 7-0.

Steel will kickoff…

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2 Responses to “Game 10: Harrisburg Stampede @ Trenton Steel”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    My son loves the season ticket holder football! Great promotion!

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Loved the Tucker touchdown! Dance was pretty funny too!

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