Game 9: Trenton Steel @ Erie Explosion



:35 left — Nemeth forced to throw up a jump ball to Dan Huff…but it’s picked and that’s your game.

1:01 left — Defense can’t get a stop…Concepcion again. Ojeda PAT makes it 90-79.

1:41 left — Damon Harrison with the TD grab, and a Nemeth-to-Turner 2 point conversion has it cut to an 83-79 game.

4:15 left — Tirone Morris with a TD over Brutus’ head. Not a good night for anyone in the secondary. Erie up 83-71 after the PAT is missed

5:00 left — From a content standpoint, I had pre-arranged a post-game interview with coach Miller on the field after the game. Ummm…well…about that…

5:34 left — Rod Miller thrown out. Got his second unsportsmanlike conduct flag during the break. Shawn Liotta celebrating the ejection. I’m sure he’ll read this…as I was reminded by the Erie staff last time we were here that they do. Good. Very “sportsmanlike” display there, coach.

5:34 left — Nemeth with a TD run while Erie wasn’t even paying attention. They go for two and get it, but Turner is flagged for offensive pass interference (shocker). 77-71…they go for it again…but before they do, Rod Miller gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. I’d be willing to bet he finally blew his top at the officiating crew. Nemeth’s 2 pointer picked off.

9:34 left — Uno for Ojeda. Trenton down 77-65.

9:34 left — Concepcion again. Forget getting a stop, have to try stopping just him…Derik Steiner blocks the PAT, and Trenton’s down 76-65.

11:27 left — One yard TD run by E.J. Nemeth, his 19th of the year, and a Camay PAT cut it to a 70-65 game. Again…you need a stop here.

12:52 left — Kevin Concepcion TD. Water wet. Sky blue. Grass green. Erie leads 70-58.

Chris Pollard back on the bench but not on the field with the rest of the defense…his night likely over.



:57 left — Know who else you aren’t stopping? Oderick Turner. Man. 11 catches, five for TD’s for him tonight. Back and forth here tonight in Tullio Arena…Trenton has GOT to get a stop at some point. 64-58, Erie up.

1:25 left — Kevin Concepcion with his fourth grab of the night. Not stopping him. Just not. Erie up 13; 64-51.

2:32 left — That was a long drive to not get six points, but Trenton settles for three on a short Camay field goal. 57-51.

8:36 left — Mike Andrews blocks the PAT…but gets called for illegal defense. Erie re-kicks and gets it, and Trenton’s down nine; 57-48. Lots of time left.

8:36 left — Ernest Jackson with the TD grab to make it 56-48…but that’s not the story. Chris Pollard came up lame on the play and was grabbing his right hamstring. He’s down in pain in the end zone. Cannot lose him tonight. Cannot.

9:58 left — Trenton’s down two points. Erie has two uno’s. Trenton hasn’t tried one yet. You figure it out.

10:05 left — Oderick Turner with a TD grab on the left side on the first play…Trenton cuts it to 50-48. Camay’s PAT…snap issues, Huff tucks it and runs, and he doesn’t get in.

10:28 left — Bad news? Kevin Concepcion with his 3rd TD grab of the game. Good news? The PAT was botched, and the lead is at 8. Bad news again? Ojeda probably goes for an uno here.



:00 left — Ojeda with a 33 yard field goal attempt…the snap is botched and he boots it into the stands! After a LOT of discussion, it was ruled the ball never crossed the line of scrimmage and that penalty would be declined and the half would end.

Last Steel drive…

:24 left — Turner again…but there’s a lot of time left on the clock. 44-42, Erie.

:38 left — Tirone Morris with a TD grab in the back of the end zone. Erie up 43-35…PAT makes it 44-35.

:53 left — DiMichele coughs up the ball after a short run, but the refs say he’s down. Of course.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

2:51 left — Oderick Turner…all he does is catch touchdowns. He does it again on a quick hit up the left side, and Trenton cuts it to 37-34…Camay’s PAT makes it 37-35.

5:46 left — Another uno by Ojeda…not something the Steel try often, and Camay is certainly capable. Anyway, 37-28 Erie lead.

5:46 left — Next play…Concepcion with a TD catch. 35-28 Erie. PAT…36-28 game.

6:14 left — BRUTAL call by the officials…one of a few tonight. Matt Leotti had a deflected interception instead called dead.

Nemeth run…

7:46 left — Another rush TD by Nemeth after two catches by Turner…Camay’s PAT makes it a 29-28 game.

9:22 left — David Ball with a TD catch…seems the ball squirted out, but they rule that the play stands. That after a big pass interference penalty. Erie up 29-21.

Rivera catch, Huff catch, Nemeth run

10:21 left — E.J. Nemeth with a 6 yard TD run…and the Steel are down just one…22-21.

13:04 left — Morris gets under center near the goal line and runs it in with ease. Erie now up 22-14.

14:45 left — Nemeth gets sacked on fourth down, and it’s Erie ball.


ERIE LEADS, 15-14…

2:15 left — Dan Huff TD catch negated by a flag…

2:47 left — Outstanding kickoff return by Damon Harrison…he dumptrucked Morris on his way to the Explosion 12 yard line…46 yard return.

2:57 left — Tirone Morris with a short TD grab up the middle…Erie ties it, 14-14. Ojeda…good. 15-14, Erie.

4:55 left — Didn’t get it…fourth and 12 conversion on a pass play up the left side by Adam DiMichele.

5:40 left — Mike Andrews with the sack for the Steel on third down…big play right there. Need a stop.

Harrison catch…

7:46 left — Two catches by Dan Huff, one by Oderick Turner…and a short TD catch by Damon Harrison…a Camay PAT puts Trenton back up, 14-8.

12:33 left — Carlos Ojeda hits an uno…and Erie’s up 8-7.

12:33 left — Kevin Concepcion with another TD catch against Trenton…this one a bomb up the right side after Gladel Brutus dropped a sure interception, and it’s a 7-7 game.

14:18 left — That quieted the crowd pretty quickly.  E.J. Nemeth to Oderick Turner for a touchdown up the right side…Craig Camay with a PAT…7-0 Steel lead.


7:15 PM — Erie wins the coin toss, defers…they’ll kick off to Trenton.

7:05 PM — Kickoff in about ten minutes…


One Response to “Game 9: Trenton Steel @ Erie Explosion”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Come to the blog late tonight and the first thing I read is Pollard down. From bad to worse this week, jeez.

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