Game 8: Harrisburg Stampede @ Trenton Steel


1:00 left — Steel up 64-36 at the one minute warning…

7:54 left — And a Najah Pruden TD rec will pretty much seal this one…Trenton got off to a rough start, but really came on to take control of this one. 64-36.

14:23 left — Oderick Turner does it again! Another TD grab for Turner and the Steel up the lead to 57-36.



1:07 left — Mike Bibbs absolutely demolished Brian Harris with a clean sack, and Harris went down and stayed down for a while…Bibbs forced a fumble on the play. Trenton ball.

Steiner run and Turner TD grab

6:20 left — Oderick Turner with another TD grab, and the Steel get the lead back up to 14.

7:47 left — Brian Harris with a one yard TD run after a penalty plagued drive — Charles Graves pick was called back and Gladel Brutus got hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty — and Trenton’s lead is cut to 43-36.

10:11 left — Harrison with another short TD rec, and the Steel are back up by 13…42-29. Camay going for the PAT…43-29.

12:18 left — Cipra with a 35 yarder, and the Stampede are down just seven.

Harrisburg set to receive…


First Downs HAR 7 TRE 9
Pass Yards HAR 117 TRE 98
Rush Yards HAR 10 TRE 9
Penalties HAR 4-26 TRE 2-13


STEEL LEAD, 36-26.

Harrison TD catch…

6.8 left — Damon Harrison with a TD catch…36-26…Camay…no good.

:27 left — Fourth down for the Stampede…Cipra coming on for a 37 yarder. Got it. 30-26

1:00 left — Harris is back after Richard Johnson came in for a few plays. He did not attempt a pass.

2:20 left — Brian Harris knocked out of the game with a cut on his head after what appeared to be a clean tackle by Tyrell Zimmerman…but a dead ball personal foul was called. Don’t get that one.

3:02 left — Nemeth picked by Richard Johnson on a long pass…

4:15 left — J.R. Cipra trying for a field goal of his own to cut the lead to seven…from 31…he got it. 30-23, Steel.

7:30 left — Craig Camay on for a 39 yarder…he pulls it left.

10:25 left — Pollard steps up again…Harris sidearmed the throw and just tossed it right to Pollard at about the 5 yard line up the right side. Awful throw.

13:50 left — Chris Pollard just absolutely laid out Terry Jackson in the end zone. He’s down…now he’s helped to the bench.


STEEL LEAD, 30-20.

00.0 left — Dan Huff with a TD catch on a free play after the Stampede go offsides…

1:00 left — WHAT A SEQUENCE! Keon Lattimore almost picks the pass, but Terry Jackson catches it…Melik Brown never slowed down and jarred the ball loose on the tackle. Charles Graves caught the loose ball in mid-air and ran it back to the 8.

1:43 left — Nemeth with a short run for the TD. Camay PAT is good. Steel lead, 23-20.

1:50 left — HUGE play right there…Gladel Brutus got burned a few times, but not there…big interception and huge return.

TD catch…

2:40 left — Nice TD pass by Nemeth to Oderick Turner…but Camay misses the PAT. Harrisburg up, 20-16.

3:54 left — Collis Martin gets behind the DB’s again, and Harris doesn’t miss him. 19-10. Cipra…20-10.

Turner catch…

4:15 left — 18 yard field goal by Craig Camay after a big catch by Oderick Turner…Steel now only trail, 13-10.

8:41 left — Passing touchdown by Harris to, uhhh…someone not listed on the roster. OK then. Stampede up, 13-7. (It’s LaRoi Johnson…he’s wearing #15, he’s listed as #9)

9:53 left — Offense just not in tune right there…two incomplete passes after some miscommunications, and then after a short catch by Damon Harrison, Nemeth can’t connect on a long pass down the field and the Stampede gets the stop.

12:14 left — Nice toss by new Stampede QB Brian Harris to a wide open Collis Martin on the left side of the field for six…but J.R. Cipra clanks the extra point off the right upright, and Steel cling to a 7-6 lead early on.

Huff catch, Nemeth run

13:22 left — A pass interference, Huff catch and Nemeth run have the Steel on the board early, 6-0.  Craig Camay’s PAT gives the Steel a quick 7-0 advantage.

14:52 left — Keon Lattimore returns the kickoff to around the Stampede’s 23 yard line…

Harrisburg wins the toss, elects to defer…Steel will receive the kickoff.

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4 Responses to “Game 8: Harrisburg Stampede @ Trenton Steel”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    Strange to see Camay miss. I feel like he’s going to make everything!

  2. tsteelfan Says:

    Congrats on a another great win. Just wondering you got a great group of receivers But it seems like all passes thrown Rivera’s way always seems to be caught in a spectacular fashion why deactivate aq player like that. Was it due to injury?

  3. trentondevilsfan Says:

    It’s nice to see the punt returns not be returned for touchdowns 80% of the time. The team has made great strides as the year has gone on…

  4. steelgameday Says:

    Rivera, as far as I know, is OK…needs to improve consistency, in my opinion.

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