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Game 11: Post-Game VIDEO Interviews

May 26, 2011

Game 11: Erie Explosion @ Trenton Steel

May 26, 2011



29.9 left — Melik Brown sacks DiMichele in the end zone. That, kids, is a safety. 78-53.

51.6 left — Camay hits a short field goal to make it 76-53.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

2:24 left — DiMichele and Morris connect again…collision between Morris and Maul into the wall at the end, and both are shaken up but OK. They go for two and get it…Steel lead 73-53.

2:44 left — Oderick Turner’s been pretty quiet tonight…which opened things up for Damon Harrison…but he gets in on the act with a short TD catch of his own. Steel lead 73-45.

5:47 left — Carlos Ojeda flips an onside kick attempt into the front row…Steel ball.

5:47 left — Tirone Morris gets a quick TD grab, but the two-point conversion fails and Trenton’s up 66-45. Need to run some time off right here…

Harrison TD

6:11 left — Damon Harrison…he did what he does. Big score there…and that’s the dagger. 66-39 game.

8:30 left — The Steel get a turnover on downs…big stop. That may very well do it.

11:21 left — Nemeth runs it in from a yard out, and once again…the Steel get the lead back to 20. Every score is so big right now.

14:24 left — Tirone Morris beats Desmond Maul up the right side and makes the TD grab. Erie cuts their deficit to 52-39. Still a lot of football left to play here.




2:25 left — Harrison fumbles…Erie recovers…big play. I’ll have video.

6:37 left — The Explosion had Tirone Morris under center at the goal line…he botched the snap, and Carl Spellman recovered. Steel ball.

9:19 left — Nemeth runs in another one, and the Steel are up 20. Big game, and the boys are coming up huge.

11:10 left — 4th and 19 for Erie…they’re going for it. They have to. Morris makes a juggling catch into the first row…but it doesn’t matter, they come up short.

13:11 left — Big sack by Tyrell Zimmerman right there on first down to set Erie back eight yards…

14:00 left — Harrison with his fourth TD grab of the game! Steel lead 45-32.

15:00 left — Craig Camay does his once-per-game drill the up man in the groin with the kickoff play…and the Steel get the ball. Matt Leotti recovers.


DiMichele 12-21, 151 yds; 3 TD-1 INT
Nemeth 12-17, 142 yds; 3 TD-0 INT

Concepcion 7 rec, 103 yds; 2 TD
Harrison 4 rec, 69 yds; 3 TD



0.0 left — And Nemeth takes a knee. Um. OK.

2.3 left — Camay on to try a 56 yarder…but timeout is called, and the Steel line up for a play…now Erie calls a timeout.

2.3 left — Lenny Wicks returns an inexplicably short kickoff for a TD…and just like that…Erie gets it to 38-32. PAT missed.

11.7 left — WHAT A HUGE TURN OF EVENTS! Damon Harrison runs back the kickoff for 57 yards and six points! Camay makes it seven, and Trenton leads 38-26.

19.5 left — Wow. Carlos Ojeda tried for the 2-point dropkick after the TD and it got blocked…it was recovered by Najah Pruden, and he lateraled to Desmond Maul, who ran it back into the end zone. That’s two points. Steel lead 31-26.

24.8 left — Concepcion with another TD grab in the back of the end zone…Steel up 29-26.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

Steiner run, TD…

4:25 left — Nemeth runs one in…Steel up 29-20.

7:12 left — DiMichele runs one in…Steel up 22-20.

10:40 left — Craig Camay on for a 47 yard attempt…way short.

14:50 left — THERE’S THE BIG STOP! Najah Pruden…yes, Najah Pruden picks an ill-advised Adam DiMichele pass to the middle of the end zone.



4:38 left — Mike Andrews with a sack and a forced fumble on DiMichele in the end zone…but Bob Hammer recovers and gets it back to the line of scrimmage.

5:09 left — Camay hits the uno…22-13.

5:09 left — Harrison and Nemeth are on fire tonight…Nemeth threw a beautiful deep pass with sweet touch down the left side and Harrison made the grab. Camay’s PAT makes it 21-13, Steel.

6:27 left — DiMichele finds Tirone Morris in the right side of the end zone on third down, and the Explosion have matched Trenton score for score so far…but after a penalty pushes back the PAT, Ojeda misses and Erie trails 14-13.

8:51 left — Nemeth to Harrison again…Steel up 14-7.

10:39 left — Adam DiMichele to Kevin Concepcion…I’ve seen this movie before. 7-7.

Video of the first possession

11:09 left — E.J. Nemeth connects with Damon Harrison for a short TD grab on the left side of the end zone, and Craig Camay’s PAT makes it 7-0, Steel. Nemeth’s 60th TD pass of the season.

Erie will kickoff…

Game 11: Pre-Game Notes

May 26, 2011

6:05 PM — So here’s how it works…

If Trenton wins tonight and Richmond loses on Saturday, Trenton clinches a playoff spot.

If Trenton loses tonight and Richmond loses, Trenton still needs to beat Harrisburg.

If Trenton loses tonight and Richmond wins…problems.

4:30 PM — Inactives are WR Antoine Rivera, DB Brandon Clarke, DB Chris Pollard and DL Stephon Hickson.  DB Will Blanden is not playing, but is still listed on the roster.  Also, that means Matt Leotti is playing…he’s listed as a WR/LB. 

Erie will not have Eric Wicks, but Lenny Wicks is here.  They’ve also picked up a backup QB since we last saw them: Colton Hansen.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


May 20, 2011

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

Game 10: Harrisburg Stampede @ Trenton Steel

May 20, 2011


2:59 left — Nemeth with a franchise record 5th rush TD — he had three, Steiner two. The Steel are up 83-23.

4:30 left — You leave the press box for one minute…and the Steel create another turnover. They have the ball, up 53.

6:15 left — Nemeth with a 2 yard TD run…76-23 game. Huge win in many ways for Trenton.

9:55 left — Cipra misses a field goal. Just throw in the towel at this point.

14:42 left — Harrison finally runs one back. Untouched as he slashes across the field. 69-23.

14:52 left — Will Hines with a TD run…Harrisburg cuts the deficit to 62-23 after a missed PAT



1:52 left — Oh, Oderick. Oderick Turner, one week after setting a league record of his own with 225 receiving yards, hauls in another TD, and Trenton leads 62-17.

3:20 left — Brian Harris sets a new SIFL record…seven picks. Desmond Maul gets his second.

5:18 left — Big Tuck! Nate Tucker with a TD grab…and the subsequent celebratory dance…and Trenton’s up 55-17.


6:39 left — Nemeth drops the snap, and Fearon Wright runs it back…and gives it to a fan…who gives himself to the turf. Steel still up 48-17.

12:09 left — And now every Steel DB has a pick. Carl Spellman gets his, and Bryan Harris has tied a dubious league record with his 6th pick of the game.

14:28 left — And Derik Steiner shows some speed…seriously…on a rush to the outside for his second TD of the game. Steel up 48-10.

14:50 left — Another huge kickoff return by Damon Harrison to start the half…



00.2 left — Cipra misses a long one…

10.3 left — Camay with another field goal after Gladel Brutus’ THIRD pick of the half…and the Steel now lead 41-10.

49.8 left — Craig Camay coming in for a 40 yarder…and he got it. Steel lead 38-10.

1:29 left — Mike Andrews with huge pressure on Harris, and he throws his 4th pick of the game and his 2nd to Gladel Brutus…he picked it in the end zone and got tackled outside of it…Steel ball.

6:03 left — Camay hits an uno! Never thought I’d see the day where he got to let one fly. Trenton 35-Harrisburg 10.

6:03 left — Derik Steiner gets in on the action, running the ball in for his first pro TD…Camay’s PAT is partially blocked, and Trenton’s up 34-10.

10:59 left — Desmond Maul picks Harris in the end zone…this is his first game with the team. Way to make an impression.

13:57 left — Damon Harrison with a dazzling catch…gets smashed into the wall while airborne in the end zone, but he hangs on for six points. Camay makes it seven, and Trenton leads 28-10.

15:00 left — J.R. Cipra on for a 29 yard field goal…good. Steel up 21-10.



5:15 left — Jamaal Stokes picks a Nemeth pass that got deflected at the line…huge play right there. Stampede ball.

7:30 left — And on the very next play, Gladel Brutus with a long interception return…

7:46 left — Trenton DB’s seem to never actually look back for the ball on deep balls…another pass interference on that…not saying it was the right call, not saying it was the wrong call…but not looking back makes it an easier call.

Scoring drive…

9:26 left — A one yard Nemeth TD run after a big kickoff return by Damon Harrison, and Trenton’s got their 14 point lead back.

11:25 left — 16 yard TD catch by Terry Jackson, and Harrisburg is in this one…14-7.

12:29 left — Craig Camay giveth, Craig Camay taketh away. He just stroked a kickoff about 15 rows into the stands, and Harrisburg will get great field position at Trenton’s 20.

12:29 left — E.J. Nemeth with a great pump fake, and Dan Huff gets wide open in the right corner of the end zone…14-0 lead after the PAT.

14:18 left — Craig Camay with his time tested smoke the up lineman in the face with the kickoff play, and he recovers it. Steel ball.

14:24 left — Charles Graves picks off the first pass…the first play of the game. Pick six! And this one counts! Brian Harris picked off, and Graves runs it back untouched to put Trenton up, 6-0. Craig Camay’s PAT makes it 7-0.

Steel will kickoff…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

Game 10: Pre-Game Notes

May 20, 2011

6:05 PM — Inactives include DB’s Brandon Clarke and Chris Pollard. Newly signed DB Desmond Maul will play. Matt Leotti also out this week…Will Blanden nowhere to be found.

Also, I spoke to E.J. Nemeth before today’s game…here are his comments:

On not overlooking Harrisburg — “Me personally, I try to never look past anybody. It also helps that I have a lot of former teammates on Harrisburg, so whether they’re 0-10 or 10-0, they’re never going to get overlooked by me. Defensively, they’ve played pretty well against us, but offensively they’ve had their struggles. To me, it’s always just another game, another game to win. At the end of the day, I try to tell these guys, when I walk into work on Monday people don’t ask me about how I did, it’s ‘Did you win?’ Luckily, more often than not, I’ve been able to say yes. The main focus is just to go out there and win every game, and we’ve been doing well. Defensively, we struggled last week, but it’s one game and I know they’re going to come back and do good things this week.”

On Trenton being a streaky team, and how to avoid falling into another losing streak — “I think we all kind of went back and looked at the film and saw some breakdowns we might have had. Offensively, we had a touchdown called back and we got stopped on downs. So offensively, we need to look at doing our job. Their job is to score and put up points, but our job is to score and put up points too. We got stopped twice, and if we don’t get stopped twice, we win. It’s not what the defense did, it’s not what the special teams did, it’s about what offensively we should do and we can do. We’ve been able to do some good things this year. In practice this week, I think we fixed the problems and communication issues, and I expect big games out of all three phases today.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

Game 9: Trenton Steel @ Erie Explosion

May 13, 2011



:35 left — Nemeth forced to throw up a jump ball to Dan Huff…but it’s picked and that’s your game.

1:01 left — Defense can’t get a stop…Concepcion again. Ojeda PAT makes it 90-79.

1:41 left — Damon Harrison with the TD grab, and a Nemeth-to-Turner 2 point conversion has it cut to an 83-79 game.

4:15 left — Tirone Morris with a TD over Brutus’ head. Not a good night for anyone in the secondary. Erie up 83-71 after the PAT is missed

5:00 left — From a content standpoint, I had pre-arranged a post-game interview with coach Miller on the field after the game. Ummm…well…about that…

5:34 left — Rod Miller thrown out. Got his second unsportsmanlike conduct flag during the break. Shawn Liotta celebrating the ejection. I’m sure he’ll read this…as I was reminded by the Erie staff last time we were here that they do. Good. Very “sportsmanlike” display there, coach.

5:34 left — Nemeth with a TD run while Erie wasn’t even paying attention. They go for two and get it, but Turner is flagged for offensive pass interference (shocker). 77-71…they go for it again…but before they do, Rod Miller gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. I’d be willing to bet he finally blew his top at the officiating crew. Nemeth’s 2 pointer picked off.

9:34 left — Uno for Ojeda. Trenton down 77-65.

9:34 left — Concepcion again. Forget getting a stop, have to try stopping just him…Derik Steiner blocks the PAT, and Trenton’s down 76-65.

11:27 left — One yard TD run by E.J. Nemeth, his 19th of the year, and a Camay PAT cut it to a 70-65 game. Again…you need a stop here.

12:52 left — Kevin Concepcion TD. Water wet. Sky blue. Grass green. Erie leads 70-58.

Chris Pollard back on the bench but not on the field with the rest of the defense…his night likely over.



:57 left — Know who else you aren’t stopping? Oderick Turner. Man. 11 catches, five for TD’s for him tonight. Back and forth here tonight in Tullio Arena…Trenton has GOT to get a stop at some point. 64-58, Erie up.

1:25 left — Kevin Concepcion with his fourth grab of the night. Not stopping him. Just not. Erie up 13; 64-51.

2:32 left — That was a long drive to not get six points, but Trenton settles for three on a short Camay field goal. 57-51.

8:36 left — Mike Andrews blocks the PAT…but gets called for illegal defense. Erie re-kicks and gets it, and Trenton’s down nine; 57-48. Lots of time left.

8:36 left — Ernest Jackson with the TD grab to make it 56-48…but that’s not the story. Chris Pollard came up lame on the play and was grabbing his right hamstring. He’s down in pain in the end zone. Cannot lose him tonight. Cannot.

9:58 left — Trenton’s down two points. Erie has two uno’s. Trenton hasn’t tried one yet. You figure it out.

10:05 left — Oderick Turner with a TD grab on the left side on the first play…Trenton cuts it to 50-48. Camay’s PAT…snap issues, Huff tucks it and runs, and he doesn’t get in.

10:28 left — Bad news? Kevin Concepcion with his 3rd TD grab of the game. Good news? The PAT was botched, and the lead is at 8. Bad news again? Ojeda probably goes for an uno here.



:00 left — Ojeda with a 33 yard field goal attempt…the snap is botched and he boots it into the stands! After a LOT of discussion, it was ruled the ball never crossed the line of scrimmage and that penalty would be declined and the half would end.

Last Steel drive…

:24 left — Turner again…but there’s a lot of time left on the clock. 44-42, Erie.

:38 left — Tirone Morris with a TD grab in the back of the end zone. Erie up 43-35…PAT makes it 44-35.

:53 left — DiMichele coughs up the ball after a short run, but the refs say he’s down. Of course.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

2:51 left — Oderick Turner…all he does is catch touchdowns. He does it again on a quick hit up the left side, and Trenton cuts it to 37-34…Camay’s PAT makes it 37-35.

5:46 left — Another uno by Ojeda…not something the Steel try often, and Camay is certainly capable. Anyway, 37-28 Erie lead.

5:46 left — Next play…Concepcion with a TD catch. 35-28 Erie. PAT…36-28 game.

6:14 left — BRUTAL call by the officials…one of a few tonight. Matt Leotti had a deflected interception instead called dead.

Nemeth run…

7:46 left — Another rush TD by Nemeth after two catches by Turner…Camay’s PAT makes it a 29-28 game.

9:22 left — David Ball with a TD catch…seems the ball squirted out, but they rule that the play stands. That after a big pass interference penalty. Erie up 29-21.

Rivera catch, Huff catch, Nemeth run

10:21 left — E.J. Nemeth with a 6 yard TD run…and the Steel are down just one…22-21.

13:04 left — Morris gets under center near the goal line and runs it in with ease. Erie now up 22-14.

14:45 left — Nemeth gets sacked on fourth down, and it’s Erie ball.


ERIE LEADS, 15-14…

2:15 left — Dan Huff TD catch negated by a flag…

2:47 left — Outstanding kickoff return by Damon Harrison…he dumptrucked Morris on his way to the Explosion 12 yard line…46 yard return.

2:57 left — Tirone Morris with a short TD grab up the middle…Erie ties it, 14-14. Ojeda…good. 15-14, Erie.

4:55 left — Didn’t get it…fourth and 12 conversion on a pass play up the left side by Adam DiMichele.

5:40 left — Mike Andrews with the sack for the Steel on third down…big play right there. Need a stop.

Harrison catch…

7:46 left — Two catches by Dan Huff, one by Oderick Turner…and a short TD catch by Damon Harrison…a Camay PAT puts Trenton back up, 14-8.

12:33 left — Carlos Ojeda hits an uno…and Erie’s up 8-7.

12:33 left — Kevin Concepcion with another TD catch against Trenton…this one a bomb up the right side after Gladel Brutus dropped a sure interception, and it’s a 7-7 game.

14:18 left — That quieted the crowd pretty quickly.  E.J. Nemeth to Oderick Turner for a touchdown up the right side…Craig Camay with a PAT…7-0 Steel lead.


7:15 PM — Erie wins the coin toss, defers…they’ll kick off to Trenton.

7:05 PM — Kickoff in about ten minutes…

Game 9: Pre-Game Notes

May 13, 2011

6:55 PM — The Erie PA announcer just commented on the Steel roster and announced to the crowd: “There’s no way they can compete.” 

The Explosion are never at a loss for words…

6:25 PM — For those curious on the photos, the lighting here…as is the case just about everywhere we’ve been to — our place included — isn’t the greatest.

6:00 PM — Some pregame photos to hold y’all over until gametime…

Will Blanden

Brandon Clarke

Matt Leotti

Line coach Rob Stanavitch…if a statue were to be made of the man, it would likely look something like this.

Director of Operations Frank Susino helping out with pre-game work…

3:15 PM — The Trenton Steel have arrived at Tullio Arena for their big game against the Erie Explosion…

As you know, Keon Lattimore and Mike Bibbs won’t be here…but the list of those missing will be a lot longer than that.

Justin Fumando, Eric Bullock, Melik Brown and Carl Spellman all could not make the trip due to work issues, which leaves the team quite shorthanded going into such a big game.

Bibbs And Lattimore Leave; Blanden Signs, Leotti Returns

May 12, 2011

(PR) The Trenton Steel Indoor Football Team announced linebacker Keon Lattimore and defensive lineman Mike Bibbs have left the team, and that defensive back William Blanden has been signed to a contract and will be active for Friday night’s game in Erie.

“Both Keon and Mike, due to off-the-field and personal issues, and the team, came to a mutual decision for them to depart,’’ said Steel head coach Rod Miller. “The timing isn’t the best, but it is what it is and we move on.’’

Lattimore, the younger brother of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, has 46 tackles and three interceptions for the 5-3 Steel, aiming for its sixth straight Southern Indoor Football League win at Erie Friday. Bibbs added 11 tackles and four sacks.

“Both are excellent players, and performed well for us,’’ said Miller. “We thank both for their contributions.’’
The 26-year-old, 5-foot-9, 190-pound Blanden, a native of Waterbury, Conn., was an all-around performer at Howard University. Wide Receiver Matt Leotti was also re-signed.

VIDEO: Post-Game Interviews (Miller, Bibbs, Pollard)

May 7, 2011