Game 7: Trenton Steel @ Fayetteville Force


Heading down to field level for post-game reaction…I’ll update you on what you missed.

2:30 left — Camay’s field goal is blocked…

7:15 left — Steel going for it on fourth down…and Damon Harrison, after stumbling on the route, recovers to make the grab and get the first down.

9:32 left — Another stop for the Steel…up 28 and they have ball. Time to start running out some clock here.

13:28 left — Camay with another field goal, and Steel are up 69-41.

Some later action…



3:17 left — Jay Jackson connects with Little…nice grab in the left side by Jackson, and Fayetteville’s cut the lead to 66-39. They’re going for two. Little…shotgun…doesn’t get in! Well, scratch that…the officials rule he got in. Seemed clear he didn’t. 66-41.

3:34 left — Oderick Turner just sheds tacklers and goes for a 45 yard touchdown catch…great pass, great catch, great run…65-33 lead. Camay makes it 66-33.

4:16 left — Scott goes for a long field goal, and it’s way short…Steel ball.

4:45 left — Big Zim gets the sack…strong game from him.

6:48 left — E.J. Nemeth runs it in from short range…and Camay gives them the extra point. Up 59-33 with 6:48 to go here in the third quarter.

8:05 left — Tyrell Zimmerman and Keon Lattimore with a big 4th and 1 stop on Lamar Little. Steel ball, up 19. Huge stop.

10:15 left — Camay hits a 30 yard field goal…52-33 Steel lead.

13:00 left — Ford fumbles the kickoff return, and Keon Lattimore recovers at the 9…

Huff catch and Nemeth run

13:08 left — Nemeth with a 7 yard TD run…Steel up, 49-33, after the PAT



3.2 left — Camay on for a short field goal try…28 yarder…wide right. 42-33 going into halftime.

:46 left — Derek Scott coming on for a field goal…38 yard attempt…wide left. Trenton still up 42-33.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

5:34 left — Turner with another TD catch, this time up the left side…he goes head first into the boards, but is thankfully OK. Steel up, 41-33. Camay makes it 42-33.

6:40 left — Nice little short jump ball pass and catch from Little to Zimmerman in the back left corner of the end zone, and the Force cut the deficit to three. Scott…hits it. 35-33, Steel.

9:14 left — Nemeth’s picked by Mann again…he threw it a little behind Turner, who got his hands on the ball, but couldn’t pull it in.

11:12 left — Camay does his “once a game” nail the up man with the kickoff routine that gets a key turnover. Steel recover and they’ve got the ball in a key drive here.

11:12 left — Oderick “TD” Turner with his eighth TD catch in his last three games and Trenton’s up 34-26. Camay’s kick is perfect, and the Steel make it a 35-26 game.

14:35 left — Walter Ford with a kickoff return for a TD…Force right back in it, 28-26…Scott missed another PAT

Scoring drive…

14:53 left — E.J. Nemeth with a short TD pass to Dan Huff…Steel up 28-20.



2:56 left — Little runs it in…Force trail 21-19. Scott PAT makes it 21-20.

4:40 left — Little jukes right into Mike Andrews, who gets the sack…

6:10 left — Nemeth to Huff for 22 yards and six points…nice pass right up the gut, and Trenton’s up 20-13. Camay…21-13.

8:01 left — And the Steel give it right back…Nemeth’s picked by Jerome Mann, who runs it back for six. Scott hits the PAT, and it’s 14-13 game.

9:21 left — Little throws a pick right to Keon Lattimore (I thought it was Carl Spellman…but I guess not. Hard to see the numbers up here)…I mean right to him in the end zone.

First drive…

12:10 left — Damon Harrison, who was in motion on the play, found just outside the end zone by E.J. Nemeth…he fights his way in, and Trenton’s up 13-6.  PAT makes it 14-6.

14:14 left — Lamar Little runs into the end zone unscathed from a yard out, and just like that, the Force are down 7-6…Derek Scott misses the PAT.

14:55 left — STEEL TOUCHDOWN.  The kickoff return fumbled by Roger Williams, recovered by Chris Pollard in the end zone and a Camay extra point makes it 7-0 five seconds in!

Trenton wins the toss, and they defer to the second half.  Craig Camay will get us started with the opening kickoff…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT // Twitter: Mashmore98


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