Game 6: Post-Game Notes

— Not to be unnecessarily mean, but I think you have to start these notes with the facilities.  The Harrisburg Stampede play in something called the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.  To be fair, a walk around the place with intrepid Steel intern Gena Galeros revealed it’s actually a nice building…just not for professional football.

With a thick layer of dirt — and who knows what else — still on the arena floor from whatever horse shows they have there, it seems they more or less threw some boards, a handful of seating platforms with some folding chairs somewhat humorously billed as “box seats” and a sheet of turf that looked quite familiar from Week 2 out there and said “let’s play football.”

Every indoor football surface, Trenton’s included, has some seams.  But being fortunate enough to have walked on the field both before and after the game, I can tell you that as well as seams (and there were some significant ones, most notably in the short end zones) there were some significant…just, lumps in the field as well.  Combine that with a low ceiling that had the kickers and quarterbacks frustrated in pre-game warmups, and maybe playing games there in the future needs to be re-evaluated.

Did I mention that the benches were more or less railed-in corrals? 

— Speaking of those seams, when Harrisburg players weren’t going after Steel players knees late, Trenton guys were getting injured on their own.  Carl Spellman appeared to catch one of bad spots in the turf and went down, and his status remains uncertain.  Brandon Clarke did travel with the team, but did not play, instead doing a great job in serving as radio man Daryle Dobos’ halftime guest.  Clarke should be ready to play next week when the team, and yours truly, travel to Fayetteville, NC.

— Let’s just say that Steel took great enjoyment in scoring that late touchdown.  There were a few…ahem, questionable tackles on E.J. Nemeth late in the fourth quarter that didn’t sit well with the team, as well a block on Mike Trice that had him quite animated, so make no mistake about the fact that Trenton scored the late points because they wanted to, not just because they could.

— Not a pretty win.  However, there’s no category for ugly wins…so all that matters is that they were able to get the job done.  Nemeth was 24-for-39 for 301 yards and 5 TD’s, and Oderick Turner had his second straight huge game after returning from injury, as the man who graces my press pass caught ten balls for 173 yards and three TD’s.

Spellman led the team with 7.5 tackles — Charles Graves was close with 6.5 — and Justin Fumando, Tyrell Zimmerman and Craig Heyward, Jr. each had a sack.  Spellman and Keon Lattimore had half a sack each as well.

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