Game 6: Trenton Steel @ Harrisburg Stampede


1:06 left — Terry Jackson TD rec for Harrisburg cuts it to 54-43…going for two. Who knows why…Cobbs on the keeper and they get it. 54-45.

5:00 left — Oderick Turner with a 35 yard TD rec from Nemeth…his third of the night and seventh in his last two games, and Trenton’s up, 53-37. Camay…it’s good. 54-37.

7:28 left — Takory Burkett with a catch in the middle of the end zone that appeared to have possibly deflected off a Steel DB’s hands…47-36 game…Cipra…47-37.

9:45 left — Najah Pruden with a TD catch down the left wall…big score right there, but plenty of time on the clock. 46-30, Steel. Camay…it’s good. 47-30.

10:51 left — Cipra misses a mid-range field goal, and that’s a big one at this point in the game…Steel still up ten.



1:21 left — Another stop by the Stampede D, and Camay’s on for the FG. Ball spotted at the 6…and he nails it. 40-30 game.

4:16 left — Or…or…Cipra could kick his second uno of the game and cut it to 37-30. Or that.

4:16 left — Coles runs it in from the 1 on a shotgun snap of all things, and it’s back to a one score (sort of) game. Cipra’s PAT cuts it to 37-29 for Harrisburg, and a TD and 2-PT conversion would tie things right up.

6:11 left — Beautiful pass from Nemeth to Turner in the end zone, and the Camay PAT makes it a 37-22 Steel lead.

8:54 left — Camay with the ol’ send a line drive into the gut of the up lineman trick, and the Steel recover. Huge, critical play right there for Trenton.

8:59 left — E.J. Nemeth gets into the end zone on the second effort from the one yard line to up Trenton’s lead to 29-22. Camay…it’s good. 30-22.

12:00 left — Martin strikes again with a short TD rec up the middle. Cipra makes it a 23-22 game with a chance to tie it with an uno.



:06 left — Three and out by Trenton…Camay on for a long FG. Pulls it left from 42. 23-15 game.

:24 left — Big TD right there…Collis Martin finds a seam up the middle and he’s gone. 23-14 Steel lead. Cipra for the PAT…23-15

:56 left — Craig Camay misses a short field goal wide right…and it remains 23-8, Steel.

5:49 left — Harrisburg, with a new QB in (Andre Coles for Kelvin Robinson), goes for on fourth down. Doesn’t go well for them. Steel ball.

Catch earlier in drive:

TD Rec:

8:05 left — What a great effort by Dan Huff after the catch to fight for the end zone and get there…23-8 game. Camay misses the PAT and it remains 23-8.

10:36 left — Cipra pulls a long field goal and clanks it off the uprights…Steel ball.

Camay’s field goal:

13:02 left — Craig Camay connects on a field goal, and puts Trenton up, 17-8.



1:25 left — Cipra pulls a field goal left, and it’s Steel ball…

Second drive:

5:57 left — Oderick Turner with a TD rec in the left side of the end zone. Steel up, 13-8. Camay…14-8. Will be interesting to see if they go for an uno of their own.

9:18 left — Cipra hits an uno, which is difficult to do with the very low roof in this place, and Harrisburg’s up, 8-7.

9:18 left — Eugene Goodman runs it up the right side on a little draw play…7-6, Steel lead. J.R. Cipra for the XP…good. Seven all.

First drive:

12:13 left — E.J. Nemeth runs it in from the one for his 10th rushing TD of the year…Steel up, 6-0.  Craig Camay for the PAT.  It’s good.  7-0 Steel lead.

Stampede win the toss, defer to the second half…


One Response to “Game 6: Trenton Steel @ Harrisburg Stampede”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    Thanks for the video Mike. Wouldn’t believe the building without it. Its like sportscenter Steel style. I’m guessing they finished out the win?

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