Game 5: Carolina Speed @ Trenton Steel


1:32 left — E.J. Nemeth with another TD run…and they’re up 86-42. A huge win in more ways than one…

4:00 left — Clock ticking away on the first home win in franchise history…

7:46 left — What a catch! Antoine Rivera lays out with his back facing the turf to make a beautiful grab in the back right corner of the end zone, colliding with the wall on the way down. Steel up 78-42…PAT makes it 79-42.

9:26 left — Tank Cunningham fumbles a few yards short of the end zone, and the ball goes into the stands…that’s a touchback, and the Steel are up 30 with 9:26 to go until they can celebrate their first home win.

11:11 left — Keon Lattimore with his second pick six of the game…flag down, but it’s on the offense! 72-42 lead!



:28 left — Dan Huff with a TD reception, and Trebton leads 65-42. Camay in…66-42.

4:15 left — TD Turner! His fourth of the game! Steel now up 16! Other sentences that require exclamation points!

4:24 left — Bruce Reinecker’s field goal try is blocked by Mike Bibbs! Great play and the Steel have great field position, up 10.

6:56 left — Camay with a FG try with the ball spotted at the five, and it’s good. Steel lead, 52-42.

10:26 left — Miller runs it in from the three for Carolina, and the Speed now trail, 49-40. Too early to go for two…but they are anyway. Miller…pitch to Tank Cunningham and they get it. Big play right there. 49-42 game.

13:53 left — Camay with a perfectly placed kickoff, and a great job by the coverage…that’s a rouge! Steel now up, 49-34!

Heyward run…

Nemeth TD…

13:53 left — A Craig Heyward, Jr. run gets Trenton to the 1…and Nemeth does the rest. 47-34 lead. PAT is good and it’s 48-34.

Big kickoff return by Keon Lattimore to get us going…



1.1 left — Camay going for a long field goal…ball spotted at Trenton’s own 13. The kick…way short. Cooter Arnold tries to return it and makes a pile of moves, but is finally stopped at midfield.

6.4 left — Just like that, Miller finds Silas Daniels in the left back corner of the end zone…Reinecker’s kick makes it a 41-34 lead for Trenton.

12.6 left — Nemeth had to throw it away, and it’s Carolina ball. Can’t give them the ball back with time left like that, this could be a momentum swing, even with Trenton getting the ball back at half.

18.6 left — Fourth down for the Steel…

49.8 left — BIG fourth down stop…seems Trenton’s D struggles on fourth down, but Miller gets brought down trying to run it, and it’s Steel ball. That’s a HUGE stop with them up fourteen points. Another score here would be just as big.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

Rivera catch:

Turner TD:

4:02 left: Oderick Turner is having himself a game. Another TD catch. Steel lead, 40-27. Camay makes it…41-27.

6:33 left: Cooter Arnold runs the kick back the length of the field, making some nice moves in the process…34-26…PAT…34-27.

Touchdown video:

6:40 left — Excellent job by E.J. Nemeth to escape the Speed rush and find Oderick Turner with a beautiful deep ball in the left side of the end zone to put Trenton back on top, 34-20.

8:31 left — A long run by Miller, and he gets the Speed right back in it with a 29 yard trek to the end zone. Reinecker with the kick, and it’s a 27-20 Steel lead.

10:14 left — You could see that coming from a mile away…Keon Lattimore with a pick six on Antonio Miller, and Trenton’s up 27-13.

13:34 left — E.J. Nemeth runs it in after being stopped a play earlier…Camay PAT is good, and Trenton has their first lead of the game, 20-13.




2:22 left — Oderick Turner is back, ladies and gentlemen.  E.J. Nemeth finds Turner with a long bomb to the back right corner of the end zone to make it 13-12.  Camay…the PAT is good, and it’s tied, 13-13.

5:24 left — Tank Cunningham runs it in on fourth down…Speed lead 13-6 after Reinecker pulls the PAT left.

8:07 left — Dan Huff with a short TD catch on the right side…7-6 game.  Craig Camay goes for the PAT, and the snap is low.  Camay passes to Huff, but it’s well short.  7-6, Speed lead.

Cooter Arnold…yes, Cooter Arnold with the first touchdown of the game.  He eluded Brandon Clarke on a short pass up the left side to make it 6-0.  PAT try by Bruce Reinecker…good.  7-0.

Long kickoff return to midfield by C.J. Washington…

Trenton wins the toss, and defers…they’ll get the ball in the second half.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Game 5: Carolina Speed @ Trenton Steel”

  1. Art Vandelay Says:

    I knew a guy whose parents were in the Iron and Steel business in Trenton…his mother would Iron and his father would Steal!

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Fun game so far. Apparently defense isn’t allowed here in Trenton

  3. steelgameday Says:

    Art Vandelay, folks…crossover blog star. Ha.

  4. ForeverTitans Says:

    Fun game so far. Apparently defense isn’t allowed here in Trenton.

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