Game 4: Trenton Steel @ Erie Explosion


:03 left — Timeout

:30 left — Nemeth takes a knee…

:34 left — Lattimore loses a yard…

:40 left — Handoff to Lattimore for a yard…

:46 left — Pass to Rivera…ball at Erie’s 15.


:59 left — Gladel Brutus breaks up the pass on Concepcion, who would have had the first…fourth down from the 17.

2:27 left — Big, big sack by Mike Bibbs.

The TD grab and two point conversion…

6:26 left — Great TD catch by Rivera…and Trenton has cut it to two.  The Steel will go for two.  AND THEY GET IT…FUMBLED SNAP, NEMETH CHUCKS IT DEEP, IT DEFLECTS OFF OF DAN HUFF AND MATT LEOTTI MAKES THE GRAB!!!  62-62!

7:20 left — Keon Lattimore returns the kick all the way to the 13 yard line…huge, huge play right there.

7:26 left — That backfired in so many ways.  Camay squibbed it again, as he has all game, and Erie promptly ran it back for a touchdown rather easily.  Why you don’t try to tie the game there, I’m not sure…Erie now up 61-54.  Rowser for the PAT…62-54.

7:35 left — Antoine Rivera open up the middle and brings it into the end zone.  Flags down again, of course.  Offsides on the D, and it stands.  Rivera scores, and it’s 55-53 Erie.  Camay with just a huge PAT attempt.  Good.  55-54.  Camay almost has to go for the uno here, no?

8:29 left — Rowser again goes for the uno and again clanks it…Steel ball at the 20.

8:40 left — Erie again goes for it on fourth down.  Nine yards to go to get to the 1 from the 10…DiMichele gets chased about 25 yards towards midfield by Derik Steiner.  DiMichele airs it out and Ernest Jackson somehow makes the catch.  That’s a killer.  54-47 Erie.  PAT by Rowser is good.  55-47.

10:18 left — Big sack right there by Justin Fumando…but a flag is down.  But gets picked up.  Play stands. 

11:44 left — That TD catch will count!  Rivera makes the grab in the right corner…they go for the PAT down two points, and Camay hits it.  48-47 Erie lead.

12:15 left — E.J. Nemeth was absolutely, positively sacked…but somehow escaped in an Eli Manning-type play, and connected with Dan Huff has he was going down to get the first down.

12:35 left — Dan Huff with an apparent TD catch called back after a holding call on what appeared to be good blocking from one of the receivers downfield… 

13:09 left — Concepcion wide open in the back of the end zone.  Touchdown.  Erie up 47-40.  Rowser for the PAT…


41-40 Erie leads after 45 minutes…

2:36 left — Snap fumbled.  Erie ball.  This one’s slipping away.  Explosion ball on Trenton’s 17.

2:57 left — Rowser goes for an uno off the kickoff but it hits the right upright…still 41-40.

2:57 left — Concepcion with a TD rec…Rowser with the PAT and it’s good.  Erie leads 41-40.

4:20 left — Another third down stop by the Steel’s D…Rowser didn’t even budge off the bench.  DiMichele on 4th and 2…he flings it towards the end zone, pass broken up by Gladel Brutus, but pass interference is called.  The breaks have started to swing Erie’s way for sure.

6:43 left — A Craig Camay field goal gets the lead back to six…40-34, Steel

The fumble and TD return:

10:15 left — Nemeth tried to sneak it in from the 1 1/2…but he fumbled and Eric Wicks recovered and ran it all the way back for a touchdown.  Awful snap by the center, but the holder picks it up and Rowser sails the PAT through.  37-34 Steel lead.

14:59 left — Rowser pumps another kickoff off the ceiling, and it’s Steel ball at midfield…

If you recall, Trenton deferred and kicked off to start the first half.  Up ten and getting the ball to start the second is a very good position for them to be in…


Trenton leads, 37-27, at halftime…

:02 left — Camay makes a 25 yard field goal, and Trenton’s up, 37-27.

:42 left — Fourth and four for Erie from Trenton’s 19…they’re going for it again.  And they get it again.  Concepcion, who burned Trenton often two weeks ago, does it again.  Steel lead cut to 34-26.  Rowser for the PAT…it’s good.  34-27.

1:30 left — Great job by the defensive line so far…Justin Fumando with a sack and Derik Steiner bats down a pass.

3:45 left — The Explosion go for it again…DiMichele finds Tirone Morris over the middle and Erie gets the first down.

4:15 left — Erie goes for it on fourth and one after great defensive plays by Keon Lattimore and Gladel Brutus…and then Mike Bibbs and Justin Fumando combine to sack DiMichele at the goal line.  Flag on the play, two flags…and they offset — illegal contact on the D and holding on the offense.

Here’s Huff’s TD:

6:30 left — Dan Huff with a 12 yard TD reception on the right wall…nice job by Huff there.  Camay’s PAT is good, 34-20 Steel lead.

9:03 left — Nice catch by Kevin Concepcion in the right corner of the end zone.  Erie cuts it to a 27-19 game.  Rowser on for the extra point…27-20 game.

Here’s Pruden’s second TD rec:

9:55 left — Najah Pruden with a TD rec in the left corner after an Erie roughing the passer penalty…26-13. Camay for the PAT…it’s good. 27-13, Steel lead.

11:17 left — Wow! Craig Camay just drilled one of the Erie up men with the kickoff, and he recovers…trick play for sure. Steel ball around their own four…

11:17 left — Nemeth with a beautiful pass to Najah Pruden on first down to the right corner of the end zone. 19-13, Trenton. Camay with the kick…20-13, Steel.

11:46 left — Rowser misses a 49-yard field goal by clanking it off the left upright…Trenton ball in a 13-13 game.

Here’s the pass to Huff and Nemeth’s run:

13:59 left — Dan Huff got the Steel to the one yard line with a catch, and then E.J. Nemeth runs it in on first down.  Camay to tie it…good.  13-13 game.


13-6 game after one quarter

1:39 left — Awesome tackle by Keon Lattimore on Adam DiMichele on first down from the six…DiMichele got to about the one on the left side wall, and Keon dumped him into the front row on a hard hit.  DiMichele got shut down on second down, but ran it in on third down…flag down.  But it’s on Trenton.  Erie up 13-6.  Rowser’s PAT…the snap is botched!  Rowser throws it towards the end zone, but the pass is batted down.

7:25 left — Camay misses from 45 yards…

7:53 left — Nemeth goes 0-for-3 on the drive after Rowser booted the ball over the end boards for a touchback.

10:02 left — DiMichele eludes the Steel rush and finds Ernest Jackson for a long TD pass down the left side. Rowser for the PAT…good. 7-6 Explosion lead…Trenton had forced a fumble and recovered previously, but the play was wiped out due to offsetting penalties.

Here’s the first sequence, from Trenton’s kickoff, to Clarke’s pick, to Nemeth’s TD to Rivera:

11:44 left — TD Steel!  E.J. Nemeth gets great blocking from his O-Line and hits Antoine Rivera in the right corner of the end zone for a 15 yard TD.  But Craig Camay misses the PAT!  6-0 Steel lead.

DiMichele’s first pass picked off by Brandon Clarke!  Steel ball with 14:32 to go

Coin Toss: Trenton wins the toss and defers to the second half…the Steel will kickoff.


2 Responses to “Game 4: Trenton Steel @ Erie Explosion”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    They gotta hold on to this one. Splitting my attention between this and the Tampa/Carolina game. Very glad to have the blog, love the videos….

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Enjoying the in game updates Mike. Hoping they get this first win. Even if it does come on the road.

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