Game 4: Pre-Game Notes

6:00 PM — Some pre-game photos…

4:25 PM — It’s about two and a half hours befiore gametime here at Erie’s Tullio Arena, and I’m about as far back in the stadium as you can get, sitting alongside Steel radio man Daryle Dobos as we both prepare for the Steel’s Week 4 matchup against the Explosion.

Here’s a look inside Tullio Arena…

Dobos already conducted his pre-game chat with head coach Rod Miller, which you can hear on 107.7 FM “The Bronc” prior to kickoff.  But, courtesy of Daryle, here are a few select comments from the coach prior to this critical contest…

On the impact of D coordinator Khalil Carter’s departure: “It goes back to now I have to go ahead and break down both sides of the film. This week, I had to offense and defense, but it’s nothing I haven’t done before. I did that all last season in Cleveland. It’s a matter of all of us have to up our responsibilities to get the job done.”

On if the team will bring in a replacement: “I’m open to options to figure out which way to go. After this game is over, I have a week to figure out which way to take. If things go well, we might just roll with what we’ve got.”

On new DB Charles Graves — “Any time you can try to improve, you want to. He came in and looked good. He’s definitely a good ballplayer. We think he can help us get to where we need to be defensively.”

On new WR Matt Leotti — “We need him to come and make plays and be effective. We need guys to come in and get to where they’re supposed to be and make the plays they need to make.”

On the team’s early season struggles: “We’ve had a lot of issues early by losing by three points a lot of different ways. But I told the guys, mentally we’ve got to be strong. As a young team, we go through a learning curve, but as you go through this and you get stronger, that’s all you can ask for as a coach.

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