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April 29, 2011

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Game 7: Trenton Steel @ Fayetteville Force

April 29, 2011


Heading down to field level for post-game reaction…I’ll update you on what you missed.

2:30 left — Camay’s field goal is blocked…

7:15 left — Steel going for it on fourth down…and Damon Harrison, after stumbling on the route, recovers to make the grab and get the first down.

9:32 left — Another stop for the Steel…up 28 and they have ball. Time to start running out some clock here.

13:28 left — Camay with another field goal, and Steel are up 69-41.

Some later action…



3:17 left — Jay Jackson connects with Little…nice grab in the left side by Jackson, and Fayetteville’s cut the lead to 66-39. They’re going for two. Little…shotgun…doesn’t get in! Well, scratch that…the officials rule he got in. Seemed clear he didn’t. 66-41.

3:34 left — Oderick Turner just sheds tacklers and goes for a 45 yard touchdown catch…great pass, great catch, great run…65-33 lead. Camay makes it 66-33.

4:16 left — Scott goes for a long field goal, and it’s way short…Steel ball.

4:45 left — Big Zim gets the sack…strong game from him.

6:48 left — E.J. Nemeth runs it in from short range…and Camay gives them the extra point. Up 59-33 with 6:48 to go here in the third quarter.

8:05 left — Tyrell Zimmerman and Keon Lattimore with a big 4th and 1 stop on Lamar Little. Steel ball, up 19. Huge stop.

10:15 left — Camay hits a 30 yard field goal…52-33 Steel lead.

13:00 left — Ford fumbles the kickoff return, and Keon Lattimore recovers at the 9…

Huff catch and Nemeth run

13:08 left — Nemeth with a 7 yard TD run…Steel up, 49-33, after the PAT



3.2 left — Camay on for a short field goal try…28 yarder…wide right. 42-33 going into halftime.

:46 left — Derek Scott coming on for a field goal…38 yard attempt…wide left. Trenton still up 42-33.

1:00 left — One minute warning…

5:34 left — Turner with another TD catch, this time up the left side…he goes head first into the boards, but is thankfully OK. Steel up, 41-33. Camay makes it 42-33.

6:40 left — Nice little short jump ball pass and catch from Little to Zimmerman in the back left corner of the end zone, and the Force cut the deficit to three. Scott…hits it. 35-33, Steel.

9:14 left — Nemeth’s picked by Mann again…he threw it a little behind Turner, who got his hands on the ball, but couldn’t pull it in.

11:12 left — Camay does his “once a game” nail the up man with the kickoff routine that gets a key turnover. Steel recover and they’ve got the ball in a key drive here.

11:12 left — Oderick “TD” Turner with his eighth TD catch in his last three games and Trenton’s up 34-26. Camay’s kick is perfect, and the Steel make it a 35-26 game.

14:35 left — Walter Ford with a kickoff return for a TD…Force right back in it, 28-26…Scott missed another PAT

Scoring drive…

14:53 left — E.J. Nemeth with a short TD pass to Dan Huff…Steel up 28-20.



2:56 left — Little runs it in…Force trail 21-19. Scott PAT makes it 21-20.

4:40 left — Little jukes right into Mike Andrews, who gets the sack…

6:10 left — Nemeth to Huff for 22 yards and six points…nice pass right up the gut, and Trenton’s up 20-13. Camay…21-13.

8:01 left — And the Steel give it right back…Nemeth’s picked by Jerome Mann, who runs it back for six. Scott hits the PAT, and it’s 14-13 game.

9:21 left — Little throws a pick right to Keon Lattimore (I thought it was Carl Spellman…but I guess not. Hard to see the numbers up here)…I mean right to him in the end zone.

First drive…

12:10 left — Damon Harrison, who was in motion on the play, found just outside the end zone by E.J. Nemeth…he fights his way in, and Trenton’s up 13-6.  PAT makes it 14-6.

14:14 left — Lamar Little runs into the end zone unscathed from a yard out, and just like that, the Force are down 7-6…Derek Scott misses the PAT.

14:55 left — STEEL TOUCHDOWN.  The kickoff return fumbled by Roger Williams, recovered by Chris Pollard in the end zone and a Camay extra point makes it 7-0 five seconds in!

Trenton wins the toss, and they defer to the second half.  Craig Camay will get us started with the opening kickoff…

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Game 7: Pre-Game Notes

April 29, 2011

6:00 PM —

Eric Bullock

Stephon Hickson

Getting pumped for some Steel football…

Pre-game stretch

Tyrell Zimmerman

5:45 PM — Behind the scenes…

4:30 PM — Here are some key comments from Steel head coach Rod Miller in his pre-game chat with the voice of the Steel, Daryle Dobos…

“I’m content with being 3-3 right now.  I think by no means did I expect us to be 6-0 at the first part of the season.  I knew the kind of situation that we were in and I knew the kind of team that we had.  But to be at this point, to be .500, to finish the last part of the first part of the season on a winning streak, that’s a positive that we look for.  We started off slow, but we want to build momentum to get better each week.  I think we’ve done that and now we’re at a point where maybe we haven’t turned the tide, but now we’re going to go to the center part of the season the way we left off the first part of the season.”

“You want to try to stay healthy as much as possible.  We’ve had some minor nicks and bangs here and there, but we’ve been fortunate enough to not have major injuries…a lot of things that we can help through rest during the week, which has happened a lot.  We’re resting them when we need to rest them.”

“Melik Brown was originally signed to the Steel before the start of the season, but he ended up getting an opportunity with the Philadelphia Soul.  He actually played a game, went on injured reserve and there were some job situations that didn’t allow him to go back.  Fortunately, he’s from our area and it worked out great for us.  He’s got experience, he’s played well, he’s played at a championship level at Baltimore last year.  He’s one of those guys who knows how to win.”

3:50 PM — The Steel have arrived at Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC for their big game against the Force.  I’ll have some quotes from head coach Rod Miller from his pre-game chat with Daryle Dobos, which you can hear in its entirety during the Cici’s Pizza pre-game show at 6:45 PM.  Gametime is 7 PM.

Before the bus pulled into the arena, which has been the nicest road arena I’ve been to so far, the team dropped off a few boxes of food at the local Salvation Army.  As the FEMA signs and banners around the area can attest to, they’ve been hit hard by some of the recent bad weather down here — we dodged a few nasty storms down here ourselves — so it was nice for the team to help out those in need.  You can read more about that on coming soon with a photograph courtesy of yours truly.

Trenton looks to win their fourth straight, but will have to do so with the following players inactive: Mike Bibbs, Justin Fumando and Najah Pruden.  Fumando especially had been stepping his game up as of late, but Melik Brown has been added to the defensive core to help fill in the gap…Stephon Hickson will also be active for the first time in a few weeks. 

Stay tuned for coach Miller’s comments and all the usual extras you’ve come to expect here at Titanium Times throughout the day and night.

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Game 6: Post-Game Notes

April 24, 2011

— Not to be unnecessarily mean, but I think you have to start these notes with the facilities.  The Harrisburg Stampede play in something called the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.  To be fair, a walk around the place with intrepid Steel intern Gena Galeros revealed it’s actually a nice building…just not for professional football.

With a thick layer of dirt — and who knows what else — still on the arena floor from whatever horse shows they have there, it seems they more or less threw some boards, a handful of seating platforms with some folding chairs somewhat humorously billed as “box seats” and a sheet of turf that looked quite familiar from Week 2 out there and said “let’s play football.”

Every indoor football surface, Trenton’s included, has some seams.  But being fortunate enough to have walked on the field both before and after the game, I can tell you that as well as seams (and there were some significant ones, most notably in the short end zones) there were some significant…just, lumps in the field as well.  Combine that with a low ceiling that had the kickers and quarterbacks frustrated in pre-game warmups, and maybe playing games there in the future needs to be re-evaluated.

Did I mention that the benches were more or less railed-in corrals? 

— Speaking of those seams, when Harrisburg players weren’t going after Steel players knees late, Trenton guys were getting injured on their own.  Carl Spellman appeared to catch one of bad spots in the turf and went down, and his status remains uncertain.  Brandon Clarke did travel with the team, but did not play, instead doing a great job in serving as radio man Daryle Dobos’ halftime guest.  Clarke should be ready to play next week when the team, and yours truly, travel to Fayetteville, NC.

— Let’s just say that Steel took great enjoyment in scoring that late touchdown.  There were a few…ahem, questionable tackles on E.J. Nemeth late in the fourth quarter that didn’t sit well with the team, as well a block on Mike Trice that had him quite animated, so make no mistake about the fact that Trenton scored the late points because they wanted to, not just because they could.

— Not a pretty win.  However, there’s no category for ugly wins…so all that matters is that they were able to get the job done.  Nemeth was 24-for-39 for 301 yards and 5 TD’s, and Oderick Turner had his second straight huge game after returning from injury, as the man who graces my press pass caught ten balls for 173 yards and three TD’s.

Spellman led the team with 7.5 tackles — Charles Graves was close with 6.5 — and Justin Fumando, Tyrell Zimmerman and Craig Heyward, Jr. each had a sack.  Spellman and Keon Lattimore had half a sack each as well.

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Game 6: Photo Gallery

April 24, 2011

I’m sure this is a nice building for horse shows and whatever the heck else they have here.  But professional football?  No.

Gladel Brutus


Harrisburg used the old AIFA balls, so the Steel brought a few of their own to warm up with before the game. I sure could use a new football. Hmmm…

Charles Graves

Joe Johnsonbaugh

Keon Lattimore

E.J. Nemeth

Chris Pollard

Carl Spellman

Derik Steiner

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VIDEO: Steel Improve to 3-3 with 61-45 Win In Harrisburg

April 23, 2011

Here’s Keon Lattimore talking to me on the field after the big win…

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Game 6: Trenton Steel @ Harrisburg Stampede

April 23, 2011


1:06 left — Terry Jackson TD rec for Harrisburg cuts it to 54-43…going for two. Who knows why…Cobbs on the keeper and they get it. 54-45.

5:00 left — Oderick Turner with a 35 yard TD rec from Nemeth…his third of the night and seventh in his last two games, and Trenton’s up, 53-37. Camay…it’s good. 54-37.

7:28 left — Takory Burkett with a catch in the middle of the end zone that appeared to have possibly deflected off a Steel DB’s hands…47-36 game…Cipra…47-37.

9:45 left — Najah Pruden with a TD catch down the left wall…big score right there, but plenty of time on the clock. 46-30, Steel. Camay…it’s good. 47-30.

10:51 left — Cipra misses a mid-range field goal, and that’s a big one at this point in the game…Steel still up ten.



1:21 left — Another stop by the Stampede D, and Camay’s on for the FG. Ball spotted at the 6…and he nails it. 40-30 game.

4:16 left — Or…or…Cipra could kick his second uno of the game and cut it to 37-30. Or that.

4:16 left — Coles runs it in from the 1 on a shotgun snap of all things, and it’s back to a one score (sort of) game. Cipra’s PAT cuts it to 37-29 for Harrisburg, and a TD and 2-PT conversion would tie things right up.

6:11 left — Beautiful pass from Nemeth to Turner in the end zone, and the Camay PAT makes it a 37-22 Steel lead.

8:54 left — Camay with the ol’ send a line drive into the gut of the up lineman trick, and the Steel recover. Huge, critical play right there for Trenton.

8:59 left — E.J. Nemeth gets into the end zone on the second effort from the one yard line to up Trenton’s lead to 29-22. Camay…it’s good. 30-22.

12:00 left — Martin strikes again with a short TD rec up the middle. Cipra makes it a 23-22 game with a chance to tie it with an uno.



:06 left — Three and out by Trenton…Camay on for a long FG. Pulls it left from 42. 23-15 game.

:24 left — Big TD right there…Collis Martin finds a seam up the middle and he’s gone. 23-14 Steel lead. Cipra for the PAT…23-15

:56 left — Craig Camay misses a short field goal wide right…and it remains 23-8, Steel.

5:49 left — Harrisburg, with a new QB in (Andre Coles for Kelvin Robinson), goes for on fourth down. Doesn’t go well for them. Steel ball.

Catch earlier in drive:

TD Rec:

8:05 left — What a great effort by Dan Huff after the catch to fight for the end zone and get there…23-8 game. Camay misses the PAT and it remains 23-8.

10:36 left — Cipra pulls a long field goal and clanks it off the uprights…Steel ball.

Camay’s field goal:

13:02 left — Craig Camay connects on a field goal, and puts Trenton up, 17-8.



1:25 left — Cipra pulls a field goal left, and it’s Steel ball…

Second drive:

5:57 left — Oderick Turner with a TD rec in the left side of the end zone. Steel up, 13-8. Camay…14-8. Will be interesting to see if they go for an uno of their own.

9:18 left — Cipra hits an uno, which is difficult to do with the very low roof in this place, and Harrisburg’s up, 8-7.

9:18 left — Eugene Goodman runs it up the right side on a little draw play…7-6, Steel lead. J.R. Cipra for the XP…good. Seven all.

First drive:

12:13 left — E.J. Nemeth runs it in from the one for his 10th rushing TD of the year…Steel up, 6-0.  Craig Camay for the PAT.  It’s good.  7-0 Steel lead.

Stampede win the toss, defer to the second half…

Game 6: Pre-Game Notes

April 23, 2011

7:10 PM — About 20 minutes away from getting the greatest show on dirt started here in front of a “friends and family” crowd here in the bustling metropolis that is Harrisburg.  I’ll start a game post on the blog, and you can follow me on Twitter at Mashmore98 as well…

4:45 PM — Well, this place is quite something.  I’m in Harrisburg for the sixth game of the Trenton Steel’s inaugural campaign, and the arena is…well, it’s basically a building where horse shows are held that they threw some turf and some boards on and said let’s play football.  Really, Mike?

Really.  LOOK.  AT.  THE.  DIRT.

If I have any legitimate pre-game news, I’ll post it…hoping to get at least an active roster or starting lineups prior to kickoff, which is at 7:30 tonight.

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Game 5: Post-Game VIDEO Interviews

April 15, 2011

Rod Miller

Oderick Turner

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April 15, 2011

Their first home win in franchise history is complete…86-42 is your final score. Stay tuned for post-game reaction.