Game 2: Post-Game Notes

— I’ll be using the time-tested Thunder Thoughts/Inside The Trenton Devils/ format of posts here.  So basically, there will be a pre-game notes post, an in-game post, a few post-game multimedia posts and then some post-game notes and thoughts.  So if you’re familiar with my other work, this will be no different.  If you aren’t, welcome.

— Tough loss.  Hard to really put it any other way.  The offense couldn’t be stopped for the most part, but the defense couldn’t get a stop at all.  E.J. Nemeth was sharp and Craig Camay was again very impressive in keeping the team in it with the kicking game…thought Dan Huff was probably Trenton’s best receiver and possibly best player.  I don’t have any stats yet, but I’ll be sure to pass those along when I can…will be curious to see the final numbers.

— Solid fan turnout tonight.  Not the packed house that I think a lot of people were hoping for, but it was a very vocal and enthusiastic crowd, and it was great to see all that Steel merchandise already in the stands.

— Things were getting interesting late when the Erie coach…not the head coach…made about ten repeated gestures towards his crotch in the direction of the Trenton bench after the Explosion scored what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown.  As Steel head coach Rod Miller told me after the game, karma might just play a role down the road…as for me, I’d hope the SIFL would take a look at the Erie coach’s actions.  There are a lot of big boys on that Steel team, and they can handle themselves just fine…but to make inappropriate gestures like that in front of a bunch of kids is wrong.

— Apologies for the hectic nature of the post-game chat with E.J. Nemeth.  Still sort of working the kinks out, and I more or less have to talk to these guys before the autograph session starts.  It’s too crazy down there afterwards to do it any differently.

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3 Responses to “Game 2: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    That classy assistant coach is a cop, clearly setting a great example…

  2. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Nice, very nice.

    Hopefully they can get the padding attached to the boards more effectively….

  3. Titans04 Says:

    The guy actually actually went off twice once doing the WWE XPac and HHH suck it move from 10 years ago, did that about 6 times. Later on he did the bent arm up yours 5 or 6 times when he was in front of the trenton bench, those looked like they were directed at the crowd behind the bench.

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