Game 2: Erie Explosion @ Trenton Steel

*******Fourth Quarter********

No time left — TD to Harrison, but the game’s over
34 seconds left…DiMichele with a TD to Concepcion, and that’ll about do it. Way to stay classy by one of the Erie coaches with his inappropriate gesture.
3:37 left…Huff having a monster game…another TD with some YAC to go with it. Camay makes the PAT and it’s 69-67, Erie.
7:10 left…Nemeth finds Huff up the right side…nice effort by Huff to get in and make it a 69-60 game. 2 pt conversion attempt is tipped at the line.

8:16 left…Nemeth’s pass from the five is tipped and picked off by Chris Johnson, who returns it for a TD.  HUGE play right there, that could be the backbreaker for Trenton.  69-54, Erie.  PAT up and no good…


11:05 left…DeMichele finds Concepcion open on third down in the left side of the end zone for six.  63-54, Erie.  Going for two again…incomplete again.  Nice pressure by the D.

*******Third Quarter*******

1:07 left…Nemeth with a little screen to the right to Harrison, who runs it in for the TD.  57-53…Camay makes the PAT.  57-54 game.


DiMichele avoids the rush, buys some time, and finds Riley cutting from the right corner of the end zone towards the middle for the TD.  57-47.  They’re going for two.  Pass incomplete.


Trenton awarded one point for trapping the kick returner in the end zone…51-47.  One ref signalled a safety, but that’s not the case.

Nemeth to Najeh Pruden towards the left side of the end zone…51-46 game…Camay shanks the PAT way left.  It remains 51-46.


Long TD pass by DiMichele to Tirone Morris up the left side…51-40, Erie’s up.


Trenton goes for it on fourth down and converts…Nemeth finds Huff in the middle of the end zone for six.  45-39, Erie  Camay with the PAT…45-40 game.


With 13:01 to go, DiMichele finds Concepcion in the front left corner of the end zone…he goes flying into the stands but maintains possession.  TD.  Erie up 44-33.  PAT attempt by Rowser…off the upright and in.  45-33, Explosion.

********Second Quarter********

Nemeth with a one-yard QB keeper with 7.2 seconds left.  38-32, Erie.  Camay for the PAT…good again!  38-33 ballgame.


Morris with a KO return after a short Camay kick to the left side of the field…1:13 to go.  Rowser slips while attempting his PAT, shanks his kick and sends it into his own O-lineman’s calves.  38-26, Erie.


Nemeth finds Harrison up the middle in the end zone to make it a 32-25 game…Camay for the PAT…it’s good…32-26 game.  1:20 to go.


DiMichele finds Morris up the middle after a defender fell down…Morris eluded a tackler and found the end zone.  PAT good.  32-19, Erie, 4:04 to go in the half.


Camay hits a mid-range FG…25-19, Erie.

Kickoff clanks off the scoreboard…Steel get the ball at the 25…will update after scoring drives from here on out.


Well, that one counts.  Leaping grab by Ernest Jackson in the left corner of the end zone gives them a 24-16…Rowser on to miss the…err, attempt the extra point.  And he gets that one.  25-16 lead for Erie.

DiMichele to Riley for an apparent TD…but it’s called back for holding after Riley hammed it up to the cameras…

Erie’s got the ball up to midfield…DiMichele throws it away on first down after a few passes got him the initial first down…little confusion over the score there, sorry about that.

12:04 on the clock here in the first half as Camay gets ready to kickoff.  Great coverage by Trenton.  Riley gets it to only about the 6…


Nemeth finds a wide open Dan Huff down the right side for a long touchdown…Nemeth jumps up in front of us here at the scorer’s station to celebrate on top of the wall.  Camay to make it one point game…and he apparently misses…18-16.

12:30 left as Erie kicks off…Lattimore fumbles it initially, but recovers and takes it to the 19…


DiMichele finds Concepcion in the end zone…touchdown on second down.  18-1o, Erie.  Rowser pumps the PAT into the corner stands.  It’s still 18-10.


Nemeth hit Turner up the right side…but Turner was juggling the ball and was hit by Chris Johnson, who picked off the ball and ran it deep into Trenton territory.

Nemeth overthrows Turner deep up the middle on first down…

Rowser kickoff into the stands…first down at the 20.


DiMichele hits a long TD pass to Riley along the left wall on the first play of the second…just like that, Erie’s back on top, 12-10.  Rowser shanks the PAT way left…it stays 12-10.

********First Quarter********

Trenton up, 10-6, after one quarter.

Nemeth dives over the pile…and, TOUCHDOWN!  Steel up, 9-6.  Camay’s PAT is good…10-6, Trenton.

Nemeth keeper up the middle…does not get it.  Fourth down.

Nemeth scrambles to his right on second down  and finds Harrison at the one yard line up the right side.

Nemeth cant find Turner in double coverage in the left corner of the end zone…

Nemeth complete up the right side to Turner for about a 16 yard gain…

Erie kicks off with 2:45 left in the first…kickoff hits the rafters.  Trenton ball at the 25.


DiMichele runs it in himself on first down…6-3, Erie.  Shon Rowser’s PAT off the left upright.


Camay on to kick after a flag…BLOCKED and recovered by Erie.

Nemeth’s pass on 3rd down tipped at the line…

Short completion to Harrison right in front of me, but it’s called back…Nemeth then throws away a pass under pressure.

Steel first down…but Heyward drops the ensuing pass.

Nemeth throws out left to Huff, who was lined out wide…he gains maybe a yard, close to the marker.

After an Explosion off-side, Nemeth with a short completion to Harrison, short of a first…


Watch Keon Lattimore’s return of the first ever Steel kickoff in Trenton


Erie goes for it on 4th down, Gladel Brutus breaks up the pass…Steel ball.

Riley makes the 3rd down catch, but a great open field tackle by Trenton’s D stops him five yards short of the end zone.

DiMichele misses a wide open Trumaine Riley in the right corner of the end zone…3rd down

DiMichele throws it away after strong pressure by the Steel D…

Concepcion with a reception to about the 9…

DiMichele with a mid-range pass to Jackson, off-side penalty on Trenton declined by Erie.  Ball at Trenton’s 19.

DiMichele completes a short pass to the right to Jackson…

Erie starts their first drive from the 12…


Camay makes a long field goal…Steel up, 3-0, with 12:19 left in the 1st.

Nemeth throws the ball away under pressure on 3rd down

Nemeth with two incomplete passes to Turner…

Lattimore returned the kick to the 17 yard line…

Trenton will receive the opening kickoff…


Player Intros…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


10 Responses to “Game 2: Erie Explosion @ Trenton Steel”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Sweet backwards tumble over the boards by 91 coming off the field. Good thing he doesn’t have a neck of he might of broken it.

  2. steelgameday Says:

    I’ve been bad…I’m in the penalty box. Had a great view for that. Quite the tumble.

  3. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Fun half. finally figured the key to the kickoff is to squibb it, otherwise it”s going all the way back…

  4. Titans04 Says:

    I wonder what their kicker and our dbacks do for a living?

  5. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Lol! Amen……

  6. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Eventuallly they’ll get a stop………

  7. trentondevilsfan Says:

    There is something shiny at midfield…… right on the logo…

  8. Titans04 Says:

    Nice to see Rich take the coach to task right at the final whistle, the head coach wasn’t much classier. That shiny thing was Erie’s #9 9mm that had fallen out a few plays earlier.

  9. steelgameday Says:

    I asked Steel head coach Rod Miller about the gestures as well…check out the video.

  10. trentondevilsfan Says:

    i actually missed the gesture. Fun game, one stop along the way would’ve made the difference. Can’t wait to see the new turf.

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